• Model 2516-A (Fit's 2 5/16" Atwood Yoke Latch Couplers)



    FITS 2 5/16''  Atwood Yoke Latch Couplers (Puck Lock Included)

    Model 2516-A was designed to fit the Atwood Yoke Latch trailer couplers. This style trailer coupler is usually found on open Utility Trailers or Travel Trailers.

     Designing the best coupler locks is not an easy task. We pride ourselves on producing a "glove like" fit coupler lock. Rest assured that Proven Industries trailer lock products will leave you with simply the best coupler lock on the market. Some style of safety chains you will not be able to secure inside this style of coupler lock.

    Fine Print

    Trailer coupler lock model 2516-A may not fit all trailer couplers. Please look at trailer coupler lock index pictures below, if you do not see your trailer coupler picture please fill out contact form to ensure you will get the correct trailer coupler lock. This stye will not allow you to secure safety chains in lock.

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